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Thread: 2pc vs 4pc fly rods

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    Default 2pc vs 4pc fly rods

    What are the big differences other than a 4pc 9ft fly rods packs better. are their any disadvantages to a 4pc vs a 2pc rod? I am talking about a 9ft 9wt for reds. any help would be appreciated!

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    Just my opinion. I was a 2 piece guy until about 2 years ago. Still love my 2 piece 4 wt for dry flies. But, I tried a couple 4 pic rods heavier rods and love them. TFO and Sage are the ones I tried. So easy to travel with. I will go with 4 piece from now on. Again, just my opinion.

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    Wifey and I are heading up mid August to target silvers and rainbows. I'm bringing a 5wt and an 8wt, both 4 pieces.

    I'll let you know how it goes.
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    I'm not skilled enough to tell you the technical difference, but we've switched to only 4 piece rods and I can't tell the difference. Love them for their packability, and haven't noticed any loss in performance.

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    I've been fly fishing seriously for over 50 years now and accumulated a whole lot of casting experience, plus whole "generations" of fly rods including bamboo, old and new glass, about 5 generations of graphite, and boron. In that mass are 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece,5-piece and one 7-piece.

    Early models, you could feel a casting difference between them. The 3-piece and 4-piece were not only heavier, they were lots less "lively" and didn't cast quite as well.

    That was then, this is now.

    Modern graphite rods, you're going to have a really hard time closing your eyes and telling the difference between a 2-piece and a 4-piece in either weight or casting. The only real trade-off will be in stowed length and ease of travel. My only thought about section count when buying rods these days is whether or not I'll travel with it, and whether it will fit inside a suitcase.

    We were just offshore a couple of days ago casting 10-weights to king salmon. In order to have 3 of them onboard, I had a 2-piece, a 3-piece and a 4-piece, each a generation or two newer than the last. Passing rods back and forth between the three of us onboard, the 4-piece clearly cast and fought fish better. The 2- and the 3- are certainly very good rods, but they give up a little to that latest-generation 4-piece.


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