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Thread: Cabin "WINDOWS" where to buy.........???

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    Default Cabin "WINDOWS" where to buy.........???

    I managed to break one of my cabin windows (Rough Opening 30"X48") while hanging drywall. So at first I thunked that I'll just have the glass replaced. Then the more I thunked about it I figured in Alaska it is likely cheaper to just buy an entire complete window unit. Then I thunked that maybe cheaper to buy it in America and have it sent to Hope, Alaska. Then I thunked why not ask the knowledgeable members of Alaska Outdoors Forum.

    So what you "Thunk"...........?

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    Call the guys at Captol Glass in Anchorage 272-4433. They are good folks, and it's going to be far easier for you (also cheaper) to replace the glass than to replace the whole window unit.

    Here is a thread on the internet that gives you some pointer.

    If I violated any rules by posting a companies phone number or url I sincerely apologize. Seemed pretty benign to me.

    I've done this replacement once with my father in law, and it was pretty easy. But, your windows might be different than the 30 year old frames that we were working with.

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    What type of window is it? Wood framed or vinyl? If vinyl, it's often cheaper to just replace the whole thing. 30x48 is a pretty common size. If it's a vinyl framed window; Lowes, Depot or SBS should have it in stock. I use Timberline Millwork on post road for most of my window purchases.
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    Check Craigslist, starting with the free section first, then, materials, then, all the others. The easiest would be to type window in the Craigslist search engine on the left side of the page.

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    Free on Craigslist.


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