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Thread: Homer Report for Halibut

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    Default Homer Report for Halibut

    We got there on Wednesday morning and got the bait from the bait store on the corner by Bob's Trophy Fish Charters. $21 for a large case of large herring.

    So then I go to check in with the harbor master to get a transient slip. Which was cool and was my first time doing. While in there a employee with a radio down by the docks called in a suspecious package and needed someone to come check it out. A few seconds later she called it a pipe bomb. They were laughing in the office and such and I thought it sounded pretty funny. Well we make it around to the launch and pull up to the shack where you pay and she said to go on through and wait. They closed the docks for about half an hour. A police man or trooper showed and actually removed A PIPE BOMB from the middle ramp. We were all just wondering what the hell was someone thinking and why the Homer docks. Thier explanation was some kid probably made it and it fell out of his pack or he dumped there afraid to take it out on a boat to set it off. Pretty wierd none the less and it cut into OUR fishing TIME.

    Okay now to the report. We headed out to my hole and didn't make it there because one of my passengers had surgery a couple weeks on his neck, getting it fused together. His neck started hurting from the bouncing, fairly calm seas though. So I just dropped anchor where were, just a random spot. Limited out with the 20#ers in 3.5 hours of fishing but we were being selective and having a good time. Pretty constant fishing too. Then the second day we headed for my hole and seas were 4' with some good 6' rollers mixed in. We drifted for a bit with no luck and headed towards Yukon Island area. Just a couple bottom fish and then headed for Halibut Cove. Never been there before so we went to check it out. Caught two in an hour and half. The biggest fish of the weekend was in there at 73#'s. Yes I have a scale and we weighed it at the docks. Plus there was a whale in there just crusing around doing it is thing.

    So I think if you have good seas you can probably fish anywhere and just give it some time. Fish were caught in 100 feet of water both days. First day was 10 keepers second only 2 keepers. Usually fish 130 to 150' at my holes which produce good fish all day long. Was dying to get there but just couldn't. I make my own rigs and swivel setups. I am thinking about selling them if people are interested. Can post pics when I have time. System is proven over the last 3 seasons. I have not lost any gear since 2004. Nor have I lost a fish with this stuff. I buy all the pieces at B&J commercial. I am thinking I should get a patent on some of it. Anyways that was my trip and experience. Good luck to all, they are out there. Oh the cool thing was, our fish was bigger than the charters people, looking at the fillets at Coal Point processing, which I also recomend. Good people and good system.

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    Thanks for the report. Heading down tonight.
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    wow... an actual pipe bomb on the ramp? greeeat...

    But I found good luck last week in Homer as well... in 4 days of fishing Kachemak Bay, we pulled out 4 nice kings, 3 limits of 25-30# halibut daily (for not trying too hard, as my 2 out of state guests wanted SALMON), a bunch of black rockfish and 2 days of Rainbows on the Kenai and 2 more Kings on the Kasilof.

    We even had one day on the bay that was phenomenal... best water I've run yet. We made it out quite a ways, and fished a hole I was told of and did great - just wish my guests had wanted more halibut as we could have got some nice sized ones that day. oh well... I'm headed down Sunday morning for 5 days of fun on the water. This time with no guests...
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    Thumbs down Homer overnighter

    I went out on an overnight charter with 11 family members. We were on a 75 ft boat that had 31 clients on it. We ran to the Barren Islands (4+hrs) and put our lines in. No bites in 20 minutes, fishing close to 300'. We pulled and ran back towards Homer for well over a hour. We droped in and caught 10-40 lb fish for 30 minutes. We then pulled and ran for a half hour with 6 fish in the box. It was rough but we were catching fish, I am not sure why we moved. We dropped and started to fish again, this time at 120 ft. It was 11:15 and we had 6 of the 62 fish needed to limit all of the passengers out before midnight. The hole was hot, we were catching 15-25 lb fish all night and morning. But several folks failed to catch one before midnight. Along with the Halibut we caught lots of big grey cod and we caught an Irish Lord. I got my limit but I prefer to fish for something a bit larger and not run for close to 7 hours in the first 8 hours of a trip when I am paying well over 200 for the ride. Some of the other passengers were giving the skipper some lip and he became irritated and nasty so I did not say anything to him. If I took clients on a trip and ran for 5 hours of the 6 hour trip they would skin me alive. This is the second time with this group and it will be the last. In the future I will take a day trip, the double limit deals are focusing on chicken yards and you do not get the attention that you get on a 6 pack. I know it is fishing but there is a responsibility to the clients to do your best and I do not feel that this responsibility was met either time.

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    Default donniner

    My wife and I finished off a great 9 days in Alaska which included Top Notch Charters out of Homer on June 14. Great fishing! 3 40-plus pounders for my wife and I and a 28 pounder. Spent the rest of the time fishing for kings and reds at various places--Fishing Hole, Anchor R., Russian R. and a few state areas along Kenai. Great time with reds and a 28 lb king.

    Looking forward to next year.


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