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Thread: Anyone around Healy willing to help scientists with an occasional creek level report?

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    Default Anyone around Healy willing to help scientists with an occasional creek level report?

    I'm not sure which section this belongs on, but "water levels" is close enough to "rafting" so here it is.

    I'm a university fisheries researcher working on a study of the feeding behavior of juvenile Chinook, grayling, and dollies, and one of our study systems is the very small population of dwarf dolly varden in Panguingue Creek near Healy. We're based out of Fairbanks and working mainly with video observations, which require extremely clear water. The nearest USGS flow gage is on a different stream about 15 miles northeast and doesn't always reflect what Panguingue's doing, so it would really be helpful for us to have some local eyes on the creek level... just a volunteer I could call once a month or so and ask them to take five minutes to drive down to the creek, maybe text me a photo, and see if it's low & clear (like we need) or high tea-stained after storms or something.

    Is anyone here willing to help with that? Or if you know someone in Healy who might be? If so, please pass this along. You can PM me here or email me at

    Our project website is if you'd like to read more about what we're doing.
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    Jason there is Road Construction in that are and they are going to start on that Bridge soon they were out there marking things Monday nite.

    One of our employees drives it daily. I will see if he is interested in helping you out.




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