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Thread: Boat launching services in Kodiak?

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    Default Boat launching services in Kodiak?

    Is there a service in Kodiak or old harbor that will grab a boat from the ferry terminal and launch a boat? I have thought about taking my boat down there for goat and deer hunting if I didn't need to bring my truck along it would save a few hundred bucks. Thanks

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    Boy.... I haven't heard of anyone that does that on a regular basis. There are the issues of getting it from the ferry into the water, storing the trailer, arranging transient boat mooring in a very busy harbor, more transient moorage when you return from hunting, getting it onto the trailer, storing the works until the next ferry, then getting it onto the ferry. Fuller Boatyard has the storage, but I don't know if they'd take on the rest of the chores without charging you more than you pay to ferry your truck and do it all yourself. Maybe they know someone reliable if they won't do it themselves.


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