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    A while back I read an issue of Fish Alaska magazine that was devoted to egg fishing. I read about the "eternal waters" egg cure. I can't find my copy of the magazine and I don't remember the recipe. But i remember I wanted to try the cure. It sounded great. essentially you mix up a glass jar of the cure solution and just toss the eggs in as you get them. Simple as that. Keep them in the fridge, pull them out as you need them and throw new ones in the jar when you get them

    Does anyone have first hand experience with this cure? Can anyone share the recipe or tell me where to find it? I've tried google but can't quite seem to find the recipe.


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    Found this on the ifish site...

    In Scott Haugen's book "Egg Cures", he lists one called "Eternal Waters". I've been using it for the past year and a half and it is pretty cool. You simply mix salt, borax, Fruit Fresh preservative, and red food coloring in a 1-gallon glass jar. Mix all dry ingredients. Put in your skeins (whole), and fill with water. Keep in fridge. Here's the best part- they're ready to fish in 24 hours, and will keep up to 3 years! When you get a fish, just toss the skeins in with the mix. You'll have to see the book for the proper amounts of each ingredient, but these eggs fish great (major, major milking action) and I've never seen anything easier.

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    I'm curious about the addition of water. The salt and borax help to draw the water out of the egg for preservation. Why do they recommend adding water? Just curious...
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    I tried this cure down at ship creek for kings. While the eggs look great they didn't seem to hold up all that well under a bobber. After 5-10 minutes in the water I needed a bait change. I got a few bites but no hook ups. Good luck!


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