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Thread: NWKA AK YAK classic report.

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    Default NWKA AK YAK classic report.

    First of all, I want to thank every one that came out. Great to see new faces!

    I think we had a dozen folks, maybe a couple more. There were other folks that were surfcasting that had kayaks. Not sure if they would have entered fish or not. So Andy and I have made all three. Mike made the last two. Everyone else was new. So its great to see new people all the time. But I hope I'm not scaring away the other folks who have come out in the past.

    The weather in terms of the water could have been better. We had calm seas mixed with 3 ft chop on day one. Day two was forecasted to be light and variable winds. Turned into at least 15knts with 6 foot or better rollers coming through when you got off shore.

    We had one incident where a Pro Angler capsized on Day 1. Thanks to the guys who went out and helped him out. I heard he filled with water do to an unsecured hatch? Maybe some one could relay the story a little. It might be embarrassing but its important to learn from mistakes. How ridiculous would it be if someone got hurt next year doing the same thing?

    There was talk about having another get together. Let's start another thread and do it up! I had a great time!!!

    Oh. The results. Here are the fish entered. A bunch more were caught but there were a lot of little chickens in the area.

    Kardinal_84: 47"
    kardinal_84: 44"
    McLucky: 39.5"
    Kardinal_84 38"
    Kardinal_84 38" (not duplicate)
    RDRASH 36"
    AKFishRipper 32"
    Memkis 32"
    Memkis 30"
    Nick 29"

    Now keep in mind, here in Alaska, if you take a charter, one of your two fish limit has to be under 29". So these are all good eater fish for sure. Bigger ones will be more abundant soon.

    So McLucky, RdRash, AkFishripper, Memkis. Stand by for a PM sometime later this week. We will pick in that order (the tie between Memkis and AKFishripper I'm going to give to AkFishRipper for first entered if that's an issue we can flip a coin.)

    The choices for you guys are:
    Shimano Trevala MH Jig Stick
    Shimano 1000 LD Charter Special Reel
    Ambassdor 5500C3 baitcaster
    Combo Pack : NRS Life Jacket, Pelican Waterproof case, 40L Dry Bag
    I have other stuff to so I will just distribute.

    I gotta keep the trophy. Sorry.

    I guess I never said it formally, but the price of entry is a report and what ya thought about everything. The fishing, format, what could be better. I do things a certain way for a reason...mainly laziness but also a little liability deflection. But i will certainly take all into consideration.

    Once again thanks everyone! I'm uploading some stuff now. I had a great time!!!!!

    Day 1 vid

    Day 2
    My personal pages...I'm not a guide.

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    good vids Kard, and some nice chunky fish. had me rolling watching all them little corks floating around out there, bobbing in the waves

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    Thanks Pole Bender. Those were low res edited off my iPhone. Its actually what you can do these days on the fly.

    Here's a HD video of my biggest fish for the weekend. Plus few still shots taken with my DSLR.


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