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    Does anyone use the auto tanner & if so what's your opinion on it and is it worth the price they're asking for ?

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    Yes I have used a couple of them for several years.

    As long as you FOLLOW THE DIRRECTIONS EXACTLY, they work great.

    BUT, They are designed as a Wet tan product & will give you many headaches if you are trying to do something that will be a Soft finished tan.

    The other thing is that the DIRT, Sticks & other debri can not get released from the skin because it is trapped by the twisting & no where to go.

    Static tans are better for releasing such stuff because the dirt & other can just fall to the bottom of the tan & not be stuck in the skin, giving you a better Clean skin.

    The other thing is the chemicals are a Pain to get shipped up here, so I have shipped a Bunch up here to Fairbanks in Bulk. I Will sell it in smaller quantities.

    I Much more prefer Lutan FN system of tanning but still use both types of tan with Good results.

    Let me know if you have any questions about using the auto tanners in the future.

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