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    Got a football of a king today, only a little over 37" but at 26# a full two pounds heavier than one the same length we caught a few minutes later. When I opened him his belly was about the size of a giant sweet potato. Popped that open and he was stuffed with 23 herring! They were about red tray size, but that's still a lot of herring! Dunno where he planned to put the cutplug blue tray he hit. Great fishing. Once we found the fish we popped 3, lost one and missed a couple of hits in an hour.

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    WOW......that's crazy...!!!

    Like a fat kid on cake....
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4merguide View Post

    Like a fat kid on cake....
    Best simile of the year!

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    Nice!!! That's like an additional 20 bucks in bait...well maybe it looks like you can re-use one or two of them.
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