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    Well fellas I am having a problem. I have posted here before and introduced myself and such so here goes. I am from Ohio and coming up the latter part of July, shipping my eggs does not seem to be a viable option and I talked to Ammerman and having uncured eggs shipped to my lodge, curing them in time for my first days fishing seems to be an inexact science and not likely to work either. I dealt with the problem last year and am not willing to do it again!!! Thinking about biting the bullet and having them travel as my carry-on but I REALLY do not want to do that.

    i am open for any suggestions!!!

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    From my experience I have cured my eggs in just a few hours using pro cure or just using borax and strawberry jello. I have froze them and just thawed them and cured them too.
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    Default Eggs

    I purchased a couple of pounds of cured Amerman eggs for King Salmon fishing in the rivers, and they outfished the freshly cured boraxed eggs 2 to 1. I would buy the cured eggs,until you can get some fresh eggs. Then use the Amerman egg cure to process your roe.

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    It's doable if you have the cure with you in AK. The egg curing process can take up to 8 days (depending on the eggs being cured and cured used). 5 days in the fridge is normal. I'd be confident leaving curing eggs out at room temperature for 2-3 days before deciding to freeze them.

    If you had the cure up there, you could process and cure your eggs the day (or two) before you left. Here's what I would do:

    Cut, clean, and wash the eggs.
    Find either the big gallon jars, or something similar in the Tupperware isle.
    Layer about 2-3" of eggs in the container. Apply the dry cure. Layer another 2-3" of eggs. More cure. Repeat until container is about 3/4 full. Shake the container well. Roll the container around, flip upside down, etc. Get the eggs and cure all mixed up.

    Pack the big container(s) in a cooler. Maybe add an ice-pack or two, just because. Make sure nothing will break, or no lids will come lose. Seal cooler with duct tape, write your name/address on the top and away you go to the airport.

    Fly home. Get home, shake your jars up a bit to mix everything and put them in the fridge.

    Next morning, transfer bulk eggs to wide mouthed pint jars. Keep in fridge for 5 days. Flip each jar every 12 hours.

    After 5 days, put the jars in the freezer.

    If you can't get Ammerman cure, just get some straight ProGlow. Works as good as anything else.

    All people like Ammerman (etc) are doing to their cures is *maybe* adding some suflites to the cure (kings love sulfites). Steelhead don't care for the chemicals....just the colors.

    If anything, a straight ProGlow egg with the PROPER scent added to them AFTER they have cured will fish as well as ANY cured egg out there.

    I only use 2 basic cures:

    a) No sulfites added
    b) Sulfites added

    If I want something "stinky" for my eggs, I'll do that in the field once the eggs are out on the bait trays. A little dab of scent on a bait of eggs, and I'm good to go!

    PS. I forgot you were up in AK. Ok, if you end up with many gallons of eggs, I'd just cure the eggs in a 5 gallon bucket (layer the eggs and cure). Mix. Put a lid on it and let the eggs cure for 24 hours in someplace cool. After 24 hours, start filling some gallon zip lock freezer bags. Pack those in the cooler. Fly home. Put the bags in the fridge and rotate them every 12 hours for the next 5 days. From there, I'd put them in pint jars, seal them up, and freeze them. Or, you could lay them out on trays, freeze until firm, and vac-pack them. Just be sure to punch a hole in the vac bag before thawing them out, or you will crush them.

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    Where is your lodge? Are you passing through Juneau? I have some hard frozen (uncured) coho roe. You're welcome to it if it meets your needs.

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    Ooops. Think I mis-read what you wanted.

    I was thinking you were getting eggs in AK and were wondering how to get them home.

    After re-reading it, I believe you are trying to get eggs up there and cured in time to fish.

    I'd think your best bet would be to send some cure up to the lodge and pay someone at the lodge to cure up a bucket of eggs about 5 days before you arrived. I can only guess the lodge has access to fresh uncured eggs?


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