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Thread: Nabesna River Float Info?

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    Default Nabesna River Float Info?

    Hi all - thanks in advance for the help.

    My wife and I are thinking about floating the Nabesna in a week or two from Orange Hill airport back to Northway. There are some posts here about the (lack of) moose hunting in the region, but not too much about the river float. Can you help me out?

    I'm looking for general information - can anyone confirm the character of the river? Is it really a class I/II river or are there big standing waves? Is the river suitable for moderately skilled boaters in a SOAR inflatable canoe, and how many floating days should be expected? Are camping spots easy/hard to find, and would the first half of June be an okay (safe) time to float?

    Really appreciate any info you can provide,

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    you might try the RAFTING side of this forum for what you want SID

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    I floated the Nabesna a few yrs ago in late August. There are no standing waves or whitewater to speak of. There are some hydraulics where braided channels come back together, but nothing you can't avoid if you pay attention. There are tons of braided channels so you are always trying to choose the one with the most water to avoid dragging. Not much clear water for drinking after you leave the mts so stock up or plan on filtering really silty water. We did it in a 12' Avon raft with no trouble. Your Pro Pioneer should be fine. Lot's of camping on gravel bars. The hotter the weather the more the glacier melts and the higher the water levels will be. My guess is June would be fine, but that's not based on firsthand experience. Bring bug dope and mosquito jackets. I think we did the float in about 2 days, but we were on a mission to get downstream. If floating for pleasure, I'd make it a 3-4 day float.
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