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Thread: Hidden Lake/Skilak Lake fishing

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    I am planning on taking a weekend trip to Hidden Lake this weekend and possibly hitting Skilak Lake also. While I have camped at Hidden Lake before, I have not gotten the opportunity to fish it yet. This time I will have my boat with me so I will get some rod time in. My question is what species of fish are out there and what are some of the techniques that others have had work for them. I will have my 5 yr old daughter with me and would love to share some good fishing with her. I am still pretty new to fishing in Alaska so I look forward to any recommendations on tackle or line setups that might give me the best chance of hooking into some fish.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are some decent lakers in Hidden. Surprisingly, they are of an oranger meat color than Skilak lakers. I've heard it has to do with their diet.
    You can also catch kokanee and rainbows. Your best bet is to troll small herring or spoons behind a lake flasher off of a downrigger. I've also seen people use bait behind a banana sinker. You can troll on both side of the lake, but be advised that, though it is a pretty deep lake, the points have long shoals, and there are some rock piles here and there to be watched for.

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    So how'd the fishing go at Hidden Lake? I am also thinking of taking my boat down there and trolling for lakers.

    My wife and I took a drive last weekend just to get out of the house and she wants to go down there and ride around in the boat. We also saw a small black bear near the entrance to Hidden Lake campground and now she wants to go back and see more wildlife.


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