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Thread: Another annoying gear question

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    Default Another annoying gear question

    Hello all!
    I am heading up to Willow at the end of July to visit my mom for two weeks and no trip to AK is complete without an immense amount of fishing. That said I am in need of putting some spinning rods for my wife and I together and would very much appreciate help from the collective experience here. I don't want to buy cheap, but I will also only use them when I visit my mom, so I don't want to spend a ton. What I am looking for is decent quality outfit that will hold up and do well. I was looking at either an UglyStik Elite as a cheaper option or an Okuma SST 8.6ft 8-17lb for a few bucks more along with a Penn Fierce 4000.

    Am I on the right track with those options or is there something else you might recommend? Also, if you weren't positive what you are going after and had to pick a do all line type and weight that can cover most situations which would you choose?

    I am assuming mostly bank/wade fishing but want to be able to at least handle most situations if not perfectly geared for each.

    Any my other recommendations or advice would be awesome! Thanks in advance.

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    I run the Loomis 1024 series rods and a number of Fetha Styx as well, basically the same rod. I haven't bothered to look at anything else in 20 years. There are lots of good rods out there, I just haven't needed to look. I get 1/2 dozen reels every year from shimono, okuma and others. From my experience the Penn's are the best. They are a little heavy but they are holding up better then anything else. You'll be happy with that choice. I run 12 pound mono.
    Have fun.

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    Penn Fierce is fine, especially if it will be a freshwater reel. For not much more $, you can get a Penn Battle II that is noticably smoother and has sealed as opposed to shielded bearings. Check Google, Ebay, Amazon, etc. for combo deals...they basically throw in a good, matched rod for pretty much nothing. West Marine has had some screamin' deals on Penn combos recently.

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    Might want to look elsewhere for a different brand of fishing rod. FETHA STYX has closed up shop.
    "Dear Fetha Styx faithful-I Hope you have enjoyed and made many memories with the custom and production rods we have built for you in the last 8 years plus. Unfortunately, due to rise in manufacturing taxes and general cost of doing business, we will have to close our doors. I appreciate everyone's support and loyalty during my time running Fetha Styx fishing rods."

    Bill Boyce


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