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    I just wanted to post what a great customer service experience I had with A2D Sledworks in Anchorage. I wanted 2 sets of mud tires/rims for our ATV's for this weekend and contacted several places for prices and available models. I did not hear anything back from 2 places and one responded 4 days later with a higher price than I thought was fair. Chad at A2D responded right away (Monday) with a fair price for one set. Since I needed another of the same tire/wheel (ITP Mega Mayhem 27" on Sedona Mamba rims), and he did not have more of the same tire in stock, he had another set flown in for the same price and had them mounted and ready to roll Thursday. They were absolutely great to deal with and I will certainly do business with them in the future for both sled and ATV. Great customer service makes me very happy with whatever the item/service!!!

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    Chad runs a great business. They got me out of a jamb this winter and the cost for the parts was less than anywhere on the net or in town.
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