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Thread: NWKA kayak derby- May 30 & 31

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    Default NWKA kayak derby- May 30 & 31

    Not so much a derby as a get together. Registration is free. Just show up at Whiskey Gulch.

    I've personally sponsored this derby the past two years. Fortunately or unfortunately I have won both events. No, I wasn't the only participant! Lol.

    So c'mon!!! Come join us! It's going to halibut only, big fish takes the prize. Super informal. Super fun! Come meet the crew.

    First place gets:

    I'll post rules later. Basically kayaks or SUP's.
    My personal pages...I'm not a guide.

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    Rules: We copied and pasted a lot just to get something down. But if it looks weird, don't worry about it. We are there just to have fun. Being kind of the sponsor, I get final say...and I say we are going to have fun! lol.

    2015 Whiskey Gulch Yak Classic Rules & Regulations
    May 30 & 31 st, 2015

    1. All fish entered must be caught by hook and line (i.e. hooked, fought, and landed) from a human power kayak, canoe, SUP/boards of no greater than 42" wide. The watercraft must be powered by a double bladed paddle (kayak style), leg drive system (Mirage or others), or single bladed paddle (canoe or SUP). Double/tandem paddlers are allowed. The use of amas/outriggers is allowed. Inflatible vessels paddled kayak or canoe style meeting the maximum width restrictions are allowed. Float tubes, belly boats, kick boats, and the like are NOT allowed. Vessels paddled rowing style are NOT allowed.

    No mothershipping (defined in more detail in rule #6) allowed, the kayak must be under human powered control from launch until landing. Sails and/or motors are not allowed onboard even if they are not used.

    All entries must be caught without aid from anyone else and using methods deemed legal according to the body of water from which they are caught.

    2. All fish entered must be caught in Alaskan waters. Eligible launching locations are any public access (fee or non-fee areas) between Ninilchik and Homer. Fish caught from waterways with restricted access to the public, such as members only or private waterways or aquaculture operations, are not allowed.

    3. Only halibut that you can legally retain are eligible.

    4. The biggest halibut will from each angler's catch will be used towards the angler’s standing in the Big Fish Prize for the tournament. Primary measurements will be taken using an official measuring stick marked in inches. In the event of a tie for length of fish, these fish will be weighed with the same scale to determine the larger fish. All fish over 36 inches will be weighed.

    Additional categories for prizes given can include, but are not limited to:

    • Largest/Heaviest stringer (single day, tournament duration)
    • Smallest fish
    • Skunk award

    5. Entries must be checked in for measurement and weight no later than 12 o’clock pm on May 31st at the Whiskey Gulch beach access area (“headquarters” location will be determined by camping spot location and availability). All entries must be presented for measurement as a complete fish. Fish that have been cut or altered (with the exception of viscera removed) will not be counted towards contest standings. (i.e. cut lips, chopped tails, filleted fish)

    6. Use of motherships is prohibited. "Mothership" is defined as arriving by and launching from a boat. Use of a vessel(e.g. water taxi, ferry, or privately owned boat) to travel to a destination for overnight or multi-day trips is not considered mothershipping. Camping on boats is permitted and kayaks may be launched from the boat, as long as the vessel was moored overnight and the kayaks are launched from the overnight mooring location.

    7. Fish caught while participating in, or in conjunction with, a paid and/or guided trip may not be entered. This includes guides, comped participants, and paid clients.

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    Bump! Remember! It's free to enter. Just show up and let us know. Its all for fun! Come on out, weather looks like its going to be perfect!!!!!!

    Here's what could be waiting for you!!!!!


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