Sorry. No pictures.

I had an out of town visitor that wanted to go for a short float. Since the upper Kenai is closed to fishing, and we had floated that together previously, I opted for Granite Creek to Six Mile taking out above the first whitewater canyon. We just took one vehicle and I bike shuttled the 4 miles from the takeout to the put-in. The put-in is underneath the first bridge crossing Granite Creek as you come down Turnagain Pass. The float took two hours with a lunch stop.

I've floated this several times before and knew to be aware of possible wood hazards...especially on Granite Creek prior to the confluence with Six Mile. Thankfully, there were no serious hazards and my 15' raft with 10' oars easily maneuvered around what was there. The water is still low to moderate. Granite is narrow and fairly fast and is not a good choice for someone new to rowing. However, the section downstream of the Granite Creek campground putting in where the Seward Hwy crosses Six Mile is a good beginner run with supervision. There is a mostly river wide logjam in this section but it will be easily avoided on the left with a couple more inches of water. At the current level I just needed to get out and barely drag the raft through the left riffle. The takeout has good eddy service and it is easy to see your vehicle from upstream.

We finished the day with great cups of chowder and dinner at the Sea View in Hope. This is one of my favorite close-to-Anchorage floats if I'm not fishing.