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    Default down rigger power pro

    Was wondering if anyone else has tried this.

    Have ran the past couple of weeks with it and like it. I did notice (rather immediatly) though my counters were off. We added some dacron backing and was curiuos if anyone else had the same problem and what they did to fix it?

    For the stoppers sliding. I tied them on. Took a piece of spectra 6"es or so long, looped it and tied a knot at the tag end. Then looped it around and back through itself on one side of 2 stoppers, then throw in 2 more half hitches, and 3 more on the other side of the stoppers. They didnt move at all. not perfect but it does work.

    One on rigger, when running bait, I like to run a flasher on the ball and clip in on the cable. now with the power pro those same clips/releases will pop off forever lost. Simple solution was to tie on a barrel swivel, then with a foot or so of power pro, and T style slider with the barrel at right angles to the tube, then tie to your snap swivel for the ball. Attach the release to the mooching slider. The plastic sliders will break. I have yet to try the brass sliders. Also ran a bead above the slider. Even with the tube being broke it works pretty dang good. The other idea we had was to tie off a loop of spectra similiar to how we tied off the beads. It tended to slide also and unless snaped on the releas clips would pop off the loop.

    Anyways, the question is regarding the counter. If anyones experienced this I'd appreciate any kind of help here. If I get an answer I'll post back.

    Ps, good season so far!!!! I'll try and get some 07 pics up this weekend.

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    no one else has tried or is using this for cable replacement?

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    Default Been thinking about trying it...

    but have friends that haven't liked it when they tried using braided line. They all miss the electrical current in their lines and had to mess around with incorporating stops on their electric-powered downriggers (sort of like you handled it). I don't remember hearing about having problems with the counters, but it makes sense due to the differences in diameter between cable and braids of similar test like PowerPro. I can keep track of the weights by watching their reflection on the video sounder so that wouldn't be a real problem with my outfit.

    In my case, I guess the jury is still out. I need to hear more positive feed-back than just the part about getting rid of the line humming. So far I haven't heard that it produces more fish than the cables - when I start getting a lot of that I will convert one of my riggers to see if it is BS or not. Good fishing.

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    Thanks for the info.

    There is no hum, no electrolysis, much much more durable (less loss due to break offs), and doesnt rot like cable does. So there is definate benefits to it, the only problem I've yet to combat is how much backing to add to a 300yd spool of 200lb power pro. We do have the western power pro rep sending us some 250lb line to test out. I'll report back with what I find if it works, or doesnt if a unpositive post would be allowed? I'd hate to see someone else spend the kind of money we have into rigging our riggers out only to find out it doesnt work like thought.

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    I found rotten cable on my Canons last week and set about replacing everything. So far, I've converted the 2 oldest sets of cable to the 250# dyneema that Scotty is selling. I didn't back it with anything... just a 300 yard spool of 250#. Good grief talk about easy rigging! Everyone should know how to tie a palomar knot... add one rubber bumper and it's good to go. I've never had good luck with the "positive ion control" or "black box" ideas... any current I send down the line seems to repel fish. Then again, I have a very well grounded and well wired metal boat with a heavy isolation transformer, so my "free roaming" current is minimal if anything.

    So far, the wire and braid rigged riggers are catching fish side by side in nearly equal numbers. I did notice the braided riggers were hitting lots of ling cod, but they're also the ones that I set deeper, so I doubt it's the line making a difference...

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