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Thread: Mokai windshield

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    Default Mokai windshield

    Built and tested the first windshield, made improvements and made the first 5 they work great now to make them simpler and bring down the costs.

    Who would have known that you could take the rollers below the bridge and stay dry.

    Out to play!


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    Default mokai windshield

    Can you post a picture of the windshield? Thanks! Mike

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    Will have to buy a digital camera and learn how to post pictures first.

    Any recommendations on camera?

    Will I have to buy a wire connection for the computer or will it come with.

    Do I need a program?

    Never done it so I need schooling.

    SEMike Pm I will try to give you a visual.

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    Default Camera

    I've heard good things about one of the waterproof pentaxes, the Optio WPI. The good thing about it is that its waterproof. I've lost two digital cameras in the water and my next one will definitely be waterproof.

    It'll come w/ the cable and software to get the pics on your computer.

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    Thanks for the camera tips.

    Just came in from finishing up the next generation windshield #8. 3 little bungees to hold it in place.

    Tomorrow maybe I work on a thinner lexan and break it to form, amazing stuff.

    There are 5 Mokai's up at Byers Creek Lodge they are running from the bridge to Trapper Creek drop off and pick up starting a tour and rental so doing test runs if you need something to do.

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    Back from Trappers Creek windshields worked great happy dry people.


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