Has anyone used these scents before? Do they work? I have a hard-headed beagle that I picked up from a guy who was moving out of state. The beagle has a great personality, my kids love him, and he has lots of potential for hunting. But, unfortunately the guy who owned him before helped create some bad habits that I want to break. #1) this beagle will chase rabbits (S. hares) when they are around, unfortunately he also likes to chase moose. #2) this beagle will chase moose for several miles.

So, what I would like to do is try to break him from chasing moose. The closest breaking scents that I found available for sale are deer breaking scents. My question is do you think this scent would be close enough to a scent of a moose?

Also the four different breaking scent brands available for sale are Cronk's, Hawbaker's, Pete Richard's, and Timothy's. Which of these brands works best for breaking scents?

Trailing scents are used for encouraging a dog to follow a scent. In this case I will purchase a trailing scent for a rabbit.

The four different trailing scent brands available for sale are Cronk's, Pete Richard's, Timothy's, and Border Crossing "In a Stick". Which of these brands work best for trailing scents?

Here is a website that sells these scents for reference.