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Thread: ruger m77 mark II 6ppc plus reloading gear, $2000

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    Default ruger m77 mark II 6ppc plus reloading gear, $2000

    I hate to do this but here she is.

    6mm ppc Semi bull, target stock, great shooter, great condition. If you're looking for a fur piece this is it! Barrel is stainless, stock is brown laminated.


    1875 federal match small rifle primers... appx.
    1600 hornady 80 gr fmj's... plus
    900 burger bullets... appx
    100 NEW lapua 220 Russian cases
    600plus 7.62x39 cases, most fire formed.

    redding deluxe die set
    K&M case neck expander with window riser
    K&M neck adjustable neck turning tool with handle
    K&M ergo holder
    K&M pocket correction ool

    Did you say you needed powder?

    1 pound new H322
    1/2 pound used h322
    1lb bullseye (fire forming)

    1 harris series ultralight 1a2 model H series bipod

    Most of the 7.62x39 cases have been shot at least once. The 220 Russians are brand new. I think I have 15 or so loaded ready to roll. I haven't shot or reloaded in 2 years from being sick.

    This IS the setup from Hunting the hunters. If you're looking for ONE fur rifle from wolves to fox, you've found it.

    EVERYTHING is here, but a scope!


    If you're serious don't hesitate to call. Pics on request. Please don't call too late as I'm a shifter.....Texts welcome.

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    here's a couple pics.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    still got her...make an offer I cant refuse.... but please no trades!

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    Reduced 1750

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    reduced last time, $1500

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    I have 5000 small rifle primers
    3 pounds of h322
    2lbs of bullseye pistol powder.

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    1250 for the lot.

    1500 I'll throw in a complete reloading set minus the grain scale (need it for bowhunting gear). new rcbs rock chucker, tumber with media, powder measure, two concentricity gauges, one case trimmer, and a pile of the rest of the tools all used but almost brand spanken new. I reloaded roughly 3 dozen shells on this setup. Too much to list, most still new in the box!

    if you're interested in the setup with the reloading press and all I can get a more comprehensive list for you, and pics. or stop by.


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