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Thread: Fitch Fuel Catalyst

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    Question Fitch Fuel Catalyst

    Does anyone use the Fitch Fuel Catalyst or anything similar on their boat? My new to me boat has one on each OB & I was wondering if they actually perform as advertised.

    2007 24ft NorthRiver OS
    Twin 175 Suzuki's
    MMSI #338033856

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    If you are getting 3.7mpg out of twin 175's I'd say it is working - about 40% increase in fuel mileage.

    I filled out their marine form to see what a setup costs.

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    My experience started in 2000 and I am only familiar with the in tank treatment capsules. I have them in everything from my sawmill to the boat to all my small engines and I keep a few handy for any new tank that comes on property that has the potential to sit for any amount of time. Fuel stabilization has been a non issue for so many years I no longer worry about it. Multiple engines, gas and diesel, 2 stroke/4stroke all fire right up after months of sitting and away I go. Your mileage may vary with an inline unit. They were just starting to develop those systems when I started up and I was coming from the approach of keeping quantities of stored fuel fresh and the fact that I despise cleaning the triple rack of carbs on my Mountain Max's.


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