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Thread: Fishing from forest cabin around beginning of July

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    Default Fishing from forest cabin around beginning of July


    I have been to Alaska for 2 times now and kinda caught the salmon fishing bug a bit . Only recently I learned about the forest cabins that are available from where you can go fishing and wildlife viewing. So I was thinking of going to one of those this summer.

    Trouble is that I usualy travel on my own (and meet a lot of great people on the way) and being in a cabin on my own doesn't sound like a safe plan. It would also reduce cost per person greatly if you share the expenses (I already have to spend a reasonable amount of money to just get to Alaska). The area I was looking at is Kodiak and Cordova (but other areas maybe an option also) I am also flexible with respect to dates (haven't booked a flight yet).

    So if anyone wants to share a cabin or has a spare bed in their cabin and would like to share it with mechanical designer (and former medic in the dutch army) please send me a message.

    Have fun fishing!


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    Forest service cabins can be reserved 6 months in advance. If there is good fishing in the area of a cabin, it will be reserved early.
    Good luck in your search for "roomies". Good luck fishing, too.


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