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Thread: Anchor Point Derby Results for the Kayaks

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    Default Anchor Point Derby Results for the Kayaks

    three kayaks entered. Two kings entered. I managed a small one that maybe went 12 pounds. Another kayaker (actually using a hybrid Stand Up Paddle Board) entered a much better fish.

    I did manage 4 or 5 halibut landed. Kept two small ones. They were everywhere. I'd see them following my bait up when I would check.

    We started in the morning at 6:30 am to flat calm waters. But no boats showed up. The powerboats couldn't launch so they delayed the start till 9am. Gotta love the kayaks! lol. But that was ok, because it gave me and my buddy time to go fish halibut. Easy limit of chickens to about 15 ponds. Nothing huge.

    Well I can't complain, Had a chance at winning some money. Managed to bring back some nice fish. The odd fish of the day was a skinny sea run dolly. about 18 inches.

    Here's the video. Not my best effort, camera was pointed wrong and I couldn't get it started in time. lol Oh well. enough for proof to make it 9 consecutive months of landing a king from my kayak! Just crazy!!!!

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    Just got a report from another fellow kayaker that was putting in as we were leaving. Landed 4 kings in an hour! Crazy!
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    Another job well done, Rudy. Good to see u again.
    Saw Mike come in w his yak and he had two kings as well. One pretty nice. Said he got one 5 minutes after put in.
    Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine!

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    Thanks Cod!!! I was so frickin embarrassed not to recognize you!!! My apologies. You are one of the guys I for my addiction and attempts at Lower Cook Inlet!!!

    Great to see ya again!!!!
    My personal pages...I'm not a guide.

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    Hey Cod! I look back at this video from May 7 2011 and think "Wow, what a NOOB I was!" LOL. good thing these fish are easy as long as you give it a go! You are in the first two minutes of this video, You really opened my eyes to how AWFUL a 9 ft stubby lake kayak was for this fishing. But also that it was possible! Of course I could never use a sit inside. Just don't have the skill and experience.

    So thanks again! You really helped up my game. Especially off Cook Inlet! My freezer and family thank you!! LOL.

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    One more kayak report from Sunday from a buddy. 3 kings hooked. One landed. two more halibut 10 and 25 pounds. It is GO time for this fishery. The fishing is always good in May here but this recent spurt of fish is amazing. If you have ever thought about doing this, but weren't sure if could catch anything, go right now!!!!!!

    Fish seem super shallow in the top 10ft of the water column in anywhere from 15 to 45 ft of water. I had multiple halibut chasing the bait on checks.


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