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    I'm looking for a place in town that sells Kevlar skid plates for canoes. Rei won't ship them because the epoxy is considered hazardous material and Alaska raft and kayak doesn't even know what they are. Could someone please help me.

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    I have used a two-part epoxy made by West Marine and have had great results. Works for a lot more than just skid plates. Lots of boat dealers carry West Marine products (don't know who in AK but there is a West Marine store in Anchorage according to the internet). Not sure if you're stuck on using Kevlar, but if not, I have used felt with the epoxy. Whatever fabric you use (Kevlar, felt, or whatever) will work as it just acts as the epoxy soaker upper. When you apply the epoxy/fabric skid plate, place a piece of handi wrap plastic wrap over the wet epoxy to give it a real smooth finish. The plastic will peel right off when the epoxy is cured. I tried inserting a pic of one of my canoes with freshly installed skid plates, but it doesn't want to load (maybe the photo is too large??).


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