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Thread: Teacher for duck calling

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    Default Teacher for duck calling

    Unfortunately, my Dad wasn't a hunter, and I don't really have any hunting buddies that are duck hunters, so everything I have learned about waterfowling has been through books, observations, and forums like this one. I feel I have learned a good deal about decoy strategies, locations, behavior, etc, but I can't call worth a ****. I have watched videos, but I still probably scare more ducks away then I call in.

    So, I am looking for someone that knows his/her way around a duck call. I'm willing to pay for help on selecting a good call (I only have two cheap ones since I have no idea what to look for in a good call), as well as instruction on how to blow the different calls. I don't need to be an expert or anything, I'd just like to get a few basic calls down. I'm thinking we could meet up on an evening with crappy weather (since I don't want to waste a good weather day not out exploring) and just sit around blowing some calls with you helping me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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    I picked up an awesome call from Tony (here on the forum) - but some of the $20 variety of duck calls are worthy as well. I used one for many years and will probably keep it handy to change things up every once in a while.
    Calling is fun, and I bet you could find some very good videos on youtube. Also - go where the ducks are and listen to them. If you have an ear for that sort of thing, it helps a bunch.
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    Here ya go......from the man himself:

    But there are tons of other ones to look at as well.....
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    Best teacher is a live duck, head down to a duck pond and just listen to all the sounds they make. A great place to practice is in your vehicle on the way to and from work, you may get funny looks from other drivers though. Duck calling takes practice, and a lot of it at that. Buck Gardner has a call and cd combo that helps out. Also zink has a dvd/call combo that is pretty good. Make sure you're calling from your diaphragm
    (gut) and not blowing from your cheeks.

    If you're looking for decent calls in the cheap range which will mostly be either polycarbonate or wood, you can't go wrong with the Haydel DR-85. I'm betting a lot of guys on here will recommend that call as well. Buck Gardner's double nasty and tall timbers are both good ones as well. I've never been a fan of duck commander calls but they make a lot of cheap ones as well, I know several people who like them.

    If you're willing to pay more for an acrylic call, I would look into the Zink Green Machine, Zink Nothing but green, Echo meat Hanger, Foiles timber rattler or straight timber. Acrylic calls are a lot more dense than polycarb so you'll get a much better sound out of them, plus you won't have to worry about them cracking due to back pressure, or cold.

    Grab a single reed for a louder call, however the reed will stick more and they're a little harder to master. Double reeds are easier to learn, but not quite as loud as a single, you should have less issues with sticking reeds with them as well.

    Don't forget to grab a whistle either, duck commander and haydel both make a good one, but you'll be able to call pintails, mallards, teal and widgeon with one.
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