Biker had severe injuries , broken bones but was wearing a helmet.
Hit the front of a PU that was turning right from Hay St onto Blue Lupine.
Biker went over the hood of the truck ,
Front tire/wheel all bent up, Nice looking Hybrid

Witness said cycler was coming down the bike trail on the N side of Blue Lupine at a high rate of speed. 25 to 30 mph.
Drive of the PU was looking left to see if it was clear to turn right. Just as he started turning R, the biker hit his bumper.
Bike & PU were in the R West bound lane of Blue Lupine when I got there. The woman was in the East bound lane of Blue Lupine on a stretcher.

She was conscious when I got there & being strapped to a stretcher, arms, neck & legs immobilized.

Guy that was there said , troopers said biker was at fault.

Driver was looking left, biker was on the bike trail coming fast,
bike trail is on the wrong side to be in the vision of the PU driver, he's looking Left.
Bike trails are OK when going the direction of traffic but a big hazard when going opposite as traffic.
Ride on the road shoulder or yield at every intersection if on the bike trail going the wrong way.

Here satellite view of the accident site: any cycler can tell you this is the problem with riding the wrong way on a bike trail
the bike trail turns to be at the intersection , the driver is looking Left, cycler is coming down hill fast from his Right.
Vehicle is usually stopped in the bike path. Traffic is clear to his Left, he pulls out to the Right, Boom biker & PU meet head on.
bk accdent.jpg

IMO , Riding the shoulders is the safe way , wear bright highly visible clothes & be aware.

Accident around 2:45 pm 5-15, Not on the trooper dispatch site yet.