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Thread: 25' Super Sport Drifter Diesel Inboard

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    Default 25' Super Sport Drifter Diesel Inboard

    John from Remote Alaska Mission's,, got to test drive his 25' Super Sport Drifter with a Hamilton 213 and Yanmar 8LV yesterday.
    He wants to thank all the people and church's who are showing through their support and continued support, that they believe in what he is doing. Glen

    John at the wheel

    Garmin display showing great cruising speed efficiency.

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    Gotta love 3.8mpg!! Very nice...
    When the HOGS show up, somethins gonna DIE!!!
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    Yes Andy, that 3.8 MPG is very good for a 25' long, 8-1/2' wide boat. In about a week and a half or so, we should have Yanmar's official test number on this boat. Glen.

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    Just a quick note to name is Kyle McMillan, and I'm a local pastor here in Seattle, WA, (at Skyline Baptist Church) that has been able to have a small part in helping the Pinnix family with this boat (and a few other projects that they've done), and I have to say that it's worth it! This Wooldridge boat is AMAZING - in fact, I was able to go along with John for his first ride in the boat (if you look through the triangular window on the starboard side, just below John as he's standing, you can see me sitting behind him), and I have to say that I was completely impressed at what this boat could do! While I've been on my fair share of boats, I've never been on a boat that was this agile, quick, and responsive - all traits I'm told that John will need up in the waters in and around Alaska. I applaud Glen, Grant, and the folks over at the Wooldridge shop for the incredible job they did in setting this boat up just the way that John will need it, as he is planning on taking not only Bibles and the Gospel up rivers to villages in Alaska, but also helping people with the transportation of needed food and supplies. I'd also like to thank all those that have had a part financially in helping John towards the purchase of this boat, and would like to encourage anyone that is looking for a worthy cause to get behind the Pinnix family and help them get this boat to Alaska!

    - Kyle


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