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Thread: floating the snow river.

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    Default floating the snow river.

    I have been researching floating the snow river from the railroad tressle to Primerose campground. Has anyone done this, it looks like a nice day float? Any help would be appreciated.

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    We've done this stretch in a canoe a few times. It's a pretty quick float but fun. There's not much water right now.

    My son and I were on the river it few years back and saw a steering wheel sticking out of the water as we floated by, we went back the next day and checked it out, it was a swamped jet boat. We got it up to the bank, bailed it out and floated it out to the Primrose launch.
    Turns out it belonged to a couple older guys who got into some trouble with a sweeper or a log or something a few days earlier and had to get rescued by the Troopers. We got it back to the fellow and he was a happy camper.


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