Anyone have any experience with the South Spiridon Bay area? I have a DB250 tag. I have read everything I could find here but there really is not that much. I am familiar with the Spiridon Lake side having been hunting there three times but we didnít spend any time venturing further south. What I am looking for is terra experience to gage what to avoid, or which side of the bay might be better. Would it be better to try and find a high spot to glass from in this area, or take a float up the valley? How is the water Ė does it get shallow very quickly? We have a boat, just trying to figure at what point we may need to go smaller. I also have a good pair of boots. The terra itself looks like alder heck. This is my second attempt for a bear. Iím learning, and didnít see anything that I wanted to shoot the first time. I will be speaking to the bio and the guide out there but I thought Iíd throw this out there and see if anyone would like to help a gal out.