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Thread: C'mon Kayaks! Anchor Point King Derby

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    Default C'mon Kayaks! Anchor Point King Derby

    Kayakers! If there is a derby that a kayak can compete on equal footing with the powerboats in the ocean, this is the one.

    The 21st annual Anchor Point Calcutta King Derby.

    I fished the 17th derby with the "gal next door" and she manages to catch her first king salmon EVER off a kayak during the derby. It also was the first kayak king ever entered into the derby!

    I entered the 18th derby, landed a king. Only to have the derby called due to bad weather that day and I couldn't fish the make up day. Bummer.

    So far, I know of two kings caught off kayaks between Stariski Cr and the southern border of the derby (Dimond Cr?). So the fish are there!

    Here's the king from the 17th derby!

    The video though its 15 minutes long it really shows you how fast a king can tow a kayak. Its also good for a laugh or two as neither of us had any clue really on how to land a king from a kayak.

    The official rules:

    2015 - 21st Anchor Point King Salmon Tournament
    Attention Anglers, It’s time for Anchor Point’s
    21st Annual King Salmon Calcutta Tournament
    May 15 & 16th, 2015
    Sponsored by the South Peninsula Sportsman’s Association & the
    Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce
    The Anchor Point King Salmon Tournament provides funding for the
    Homer Youth Fishing Fair and Anchor Point Visitor Ctr.
    Calcutta Auction ~ Friday May 15 beginning 5:30 PM at the Anchor
    River Inn (smoke free room & food available)
    ✦All boats must be registered by 6:30 PM Friday May 15th, Auction
    starts 7:00 PM
    ✦Boat entry registration is $25
    Calcutta Auction for the boat that catches the 1st place fish and 1st
    place fisherman: proceeds split 50% bidder/25% boat/25% Chamber
    and SPSA.
    Three NEW ways to WIN this year!
    Additional side bet for the 2nd highest weight fish and the fish
    weighing the closest to the “Average Weight”. Any fisherman joining
    this side bet with $50 is eligible to win. 2nd place wins 50%, average
    weight wins 25% and 25% goes to Chamber & SPSA.
    Guess Average Fish Weight (side bet): Anyone can have a chance to
    win with this bet for $25 and submit your “Average weight” guess to
    the closest 100th of a pound (#00.00 LBS). Pot split 75%/25%
    ALSO * Two Anchor Point Tractor Launches will be given away as
    door prizes donated by launch owner Todd Bareman.
    2015 - 21st Anchor Point King Salmon Tournament
    Tournament Day ~ Saturday May 16th, 2015
    ✦ Fishing hours will be from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday May
    16. Todd Bareman will radio announce lines in and lines out. If you
    have a fish on at 4:00pm have someone call to report it* (see new rules
    ✦ Tournament boundaries are from Dimond Creek (the 40 line) to
    Stariski Point (Stariski’s south marker)
    ✦ On Saturday, Todd Bareman will “make the call” if the weather is
    marginal. The start time might be delayed 2 hours or postponed to
    Sunday May 17th. Contact Todd Bareman @ 299-2686 at the AP
    Tractor Launch, Homer boats can also call in on Channel 14 for
    updates. If the weather kicks during the day the ending time may be
    pushed up.
    New rules this year………
    • Every fish caught must be called in when it’s landed.
    Call in on Channel 14 - We have Todd & Jeanne on the radio, if (for
    some odd reason) you do not get a response from your radio call in,
    have someone on the boat call Jeanne at 399-6156 to confirm the catch.
    Call in with the boat name and the person who caught the fish.
    • All fish will be gutted after weight is recorded
    ✦Join us at 6:00 PM back at the Anchor River Inn to announce all the
    winners and payout to the person who guessed the “Average Fish
    If you need to register early call Leah at 218-380-0623

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    Count me in, sounds like fun! Thanks for the heads up...

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