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    Who needs a harvest card and when? If a two year old is fishing at finger lake does he or she need one. Regs say any one fishing for an annual limit fish must have one such as kings and many trout waters. Now the confusion is ak fish game office girl says you must every were and its a friend talking to them and going and I'm not sure the rite questions being asked. But as far as I knew we recorded the same fish at the same places for kids as the 90% of fish caught by adults. I'm either confused or upset with the info being given by reps. Even though a harvest card wouldn't hurt anyone by no means. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    You don't need one for a kid at Finger Lake. You're reading the regs correctly - you only need one for fish with an annual limit such as kings in Cook Inlet drainages and rainbow trout in the Kenai River.

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    You need one for any fish with a yearly limit. If your kid catches and retains a Rainbow over 20 inches in Finger, she needs to record it. If It's all catch and release, you Don't need it.


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