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Thread: Homemade trout spinners

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    Default Homemade trout spinners

    So my wife has been bugging me lately to take her fishing.
    Well our schedules have been pretty full and it was hard to find the time. Tonight she had to work late but we decided to take the drift boat out to the lake anyway and the plans were set.
    So my buddy showed up at the house when I got home this morning wanting to make some fishing tackle.
    He wasn't sure of what to make just wanted to do something in my workshop and BS awhile.
    So we made a few trout spinners first off.
    Then we cast some surfcast sinkers as he had picked up a few from me the night before and I wanted to have a few more made up.
    Finally we made some more lure bodies so I can paint them and make some more spinners.
    Well 4 hours later my wife landed a fish on a spinner I made today.
    Fishing was slow overall but we both managed to catch some fish.
    Moral of the story: "Happy Wife Happy Life"
    "The closer I get to nature the farther I am from idiots"

    "Fishing and Hunting are only an addiction if you're trying to quit"

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    "My wife has been bugging me to go fishing lately"

    You got a keeper there...nice fish too!

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