I have a Mallory Marine fuel water separator filter I got by mistake a couple years back with my Mallory unit I put on my boat. I just went to put this new one on and found it was the wrong filter. However, the place I got it from does not deal in Mallory products any longer so I am sort of stuck with it. (Threads are larger than mine) The number on this is 9-37810 and replaces Racor S3227 and S3228UL, Honda 17670-ZW1-801AH, Suzuki 99105-20005 and Yamaha Mar-24563-00-00. Its new in the box but I did take it out of its little plastic baggie to install. It has the main square O-ring, the smaller one for the bottom bowl and the disc for the inside. First Text to 907-242-3664 gets this thing free, just come by and pick it up. I think I paid over $20 for this originally so its not a cheapo.