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    I won't share the youtube link since this is too easy and you don't need to waste over 10 minutes on a video. I got 8 octopus over the weekend. I like them but they always come out tough. I always just pitched them in a pot and did a mild boil. This chef does basically the same thing with a simple twist. He gets a pot of salted water boiling, then dunks the octopus for about 20 seconds...removes from water and waits a couple minutes, then re dunks. He does this 3 times then puts the octo back in the water at a high simmer for 20 minutes...then cuts the heat and lets it set in the water for another 20 minutes. It just melts in your mouth and leaves the nice, mild flavor intact....I couldn't believe the difference just a little finesse could make.

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    Beer works even better than water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whalebreath View Post
    Beer works even better than water.
    Well, heck.... I like beer even more than octopus so this has got to be a win, win situation. Got one left, so beer it is. Thanks!

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    I've heard the secret to a tender octopus is to freeze it for a minimum of 2 weeks then get your salt water to a rolling boil and boil it for 20 minutes. I've only cooked a few like this but they've come out tender.

    Does your method work on them fresh out of the water? It sure would be nice to cook them up fresh.
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    Does your method work on them fresh out of the water? It sure would be nice to cook them up fresh.[/QUOTE]

    Yes, that's what blew me away about the whole thing. He said the 2 minute resting period between dunks conditions the meat. I was lucky to watch the video a day before I went fishing so I was able to test it on one that had been out of the water for no more than an hour.

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    Here's a video that is much better than the first one I saw and the method is virtually the same. 1st 6 minutes tells the tale, but worth watching the 2nd half where he completes a simple octopus/potato meal.


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