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Thread: SE Alaska DIY Fishing lodge (Halibut)

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    Default SE Alaska DIY Fishing lodge (Halibut)

    I have been going to a diy fishing lodge out of Petersburg for the last 3 years but he has become so popular, it is crowded. Does anyone know of an additional lodge or camp? I will be targeting halibut, salmon will secondary, way down on the list. Thanks

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    Check out Gooch at Coveman Cove Adventures on POW. Amazing hosts.
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    Second vote for Coffman Cove Adventures. Gooch is a long-time member here and has been very helpful to our forum community.

    A friend and I were down that way a couple of summers ago and stayed with Adventure Alaska, at Thorne Bay. There are two ways to get there: 1) floatplane from Ketchikan or 2) ferry from Ketchikan to the other end of the island. This option entails a pickup and a drive up the length of the island to your destination. We went with the floatplane for convenience and time-savings.

    We were very pleased. The place was very clean and organized, quiet, and everything was as advertised. You have your own place with a kitchen, there's a bait and tackle shop on-site, there's a nice barbecue area if you want to dine outside, they have a hot tub where you can relax at the end of the day. They vac-pac and freeze your fish for you, and box it up for the flight home. They supplied us with rods and reels for bottom fishing and for trolling, crab pots and shrimp pots (we caught tons of both), and we had a 24' North River for the week. The boat was rigged with down riggers, fish finder and everything you need. We also had a newer F-150 crew cap truck for the week, which allowed us to car-top one of their canoes for a little road trip on the island. I honestly cannot imagine what else they could have done for us. Jason and Trisha, and their staff, had it all covered. Jason took some time to get us oriented on the best places to fish, shrimp and crab, and it was a huge help. A local forum member joined us for a half day too, and that was a great help! If you go there, it's worthwhile to look up our forum folks in the area. It really made our trip.

    Being from Anchorage, one of the best things about POW for me was the trees! Such trees! I spent some of my pre-Alaska years in Oregon, but since we moved to Anchorage, I've gotten used to seeing small trees everywhere. Prince of Wales has MONSTER spruce trees. Absolutely stunning. We took part of our trip just to walk around in the woods, it was so amazing... beautiful.

    This trip was set up by someone else, or I would have gone with Gooch at Coffman Cove. It's my understanding that he runs a very similar operation. I think everyone knows each other down there. We actually spoke with him on the phone while we were down there, and he was very helpful.

    Fishing was good, but honestly not spectacular. We were a little too early for kings (the other side of the island was really hopping for kings, and we tried to charter out there one day, but it was blown out). Halibut was so-so. We did really well with silvers in the saltwater, and we caught all the rockfish we wanted. I think we only caught one or two lingcod, and they were small. Some kelp greenling too. Crabbing was feast or famine, depending on the location. Shrimping was excellent, except that one time when "someone" left the trap door open...

    All in all the trip was unforgettable. I have been hoping to put a video together on it, but just have not had the time. POW is truly a sportsman's paradise and regardless of who you go with, you're gonna love it.

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    Check out:

    1) Water's Edge Lodge in Elfin Cove. Several people on this site have chartered with them. They are a few miles away from great fishing, good weather or bad. Their boats - 22' center consoles - are in good shape, fast, and seaworthy, but you do need to have a reasonable tolerance for rain. These are great boats for two people, good for three, and really cozy for four.

    2) True North Sportfishing at: Forrest has a 25' Glacier Bay cat with a cockpit and cabin big enough for four people. This boat is a great fishing platform with good protection from the weather. The boat is moored in Gustavus, which is 10 miles closer (less than 10 minutes) to the good halibut spots in the area than Elfin Cove, but Elfin Cove is 20 miles closer to the open ocean where some really nice halibut can be caught, and salmon fishing is usually much better than on the inside.

    3) Nordic Tug Charters. If you are qualified and willing to run a 26' - 52' Nordic Tug on your own, these bare boat charters are a great way to fish where you want, when you want, and for less money than a good charter with lodging. These boats are butt slow, but very comfortable. Running at 8 - 10 kts works out fine when the boat is stable enough at that speed to cook, clean, shower, work on tackle, read, etc, while you are running. The 37' is my favorite; four crew is the ideal number but they have worked out fine for me with anywhere from three to six crew.

    I have fished around POW too. There are way more halibut there than there are around Elfin Cove, but the fish around Elfin Cove run bigger.

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    You got good intel's some more.

    On the cheap and rustic. Log Cabin on POW west side in Klawock ...opposite of Coffman Cove.


    My buds from Idaho stay there every year and seem to enjoy themselves. Just found out last year through a tip from me to fish off the dock and were aptly rewarded with all they could eat shark..spiny dogfish.. Which is the Brits Fish - N - Chips. They kept two and feasted. If dressed well they'll freeze up and add more white meat to your fish boxes. I fill up on P-Cod, rockfish and Sculpins (super tasty despite what ANYONE says). And plenty of halibut close in right into September. You may not get many "freebies" in the way of productive halibut spots...but it ain't hard to figure out. PM me if you choose POW this year.

    a few other DIYs on the island with plenty of styles of comfort.

    You could stay at a cozy B&B and then rent all you need fromDaryl at Hollis rental. Car, skiff, trailer, kayaks, rods, etc. great to work with. In fact you can hardly go wrong with anyone on the island.

    my annual stay is DIY but at a whole nother level of comfort at a world class lodge -post season.

    google Prince of Wales for what location you want and what level of population you need. Craig is the big city with top fishing on the west side and south. coffamn on the east, thorne bay has some good sites. Up north, rugged secluded with good fishing.

    Can't go wrong on POW.

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    I strongly recommend Water's Edge Lodge in Elfin Cove. Great fishing, owners, boat etc. If yo have some DIY knowledge and skills, you will absolutely love this place. I have gone there last 4 summers and had great fishing and experience every time.


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