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Thread: Ruger LC9 and RTK Trigger

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    Default Ruger LC9 and RTK Trigger

    I have recently bought, purchased, and installed the RTK trigger for my Ruger LC9. I have not fired the pistol yet with the new trigger but I can see and feel a difference from the factory trigger and the new adjustable trigger during the dry firing during the install. Install was a do it your self type of thing and worked as per the instructions on the RTK web site. Here is where I purchased from:

    When I get a chance to go shooting, I will report back on the trigger mod to let you know how it worked. I couldn't afford the new LC9 with the SR trigger...and I didn't want to sell this one to purchase a new one. I'll report back.

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    Well, I finally got around to shooting my LC9 with the new RTK trigger. WOW! What a difference it makes. The slop is gone and it made the pistol respond more. I was able to maintain all 7 shots on the to work on my groups. I was a little sporadic...its been a while since I've been shooting. Now I will save up the money to replace the trigger on my LCP 380, I already know it will work wonders.

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    Thanks for the report
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    Interesting, thanks!
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    The original LC9 has a long trigger pull. I got all excited when the new versions came out and almost bought another one.
    Then I calmed down and thought about all the other guns I could buy instead. It's nice to know about the after market trigger option though.


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