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Thread: Honda prop installation

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    Default Honda prop installation

    I'm just asking for advice from anyone with a Honda on the prop installation.

    Honda manual for the 225HP says to lightly tighten the castle nut by hand or wrench until the propeller has no free play. Then tighten the castle nut using a torque wrench. Castle nut tightening torque: 0.7 lbf-ft(1N m. 0.1 kgf m). The using the torque wrench tighten the castle nut until the first available groove in the castle nut aligns with the cotter pin hole. (HERE IS THE CONFUSING PART: TIGHTENING TORQUE LIMIT 33 lbf-ft (44N-m, 4.5 kgf-m) do not tighten the castle nut above the tightening torque limit)
    Why is there such a big range?

    The confusion is the same for the 9.9 Honda. The instructions are the same except for the lbf-ft which in this case are 2.89 lbf-ft(4N-m)
    with a similar warning of TIGHTENING TORQUE LIMIT: 12 lbf-ft(17N-m)

    I am one to follow the instructions of the manual but I've never seen a torque so low on a prop nor the range so extreme.

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    I don't know about the torque but i can tell you grease grease & more grease.

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    In a nutshell they are telling you to finger tighten or snug it up. Then go to the first hole to get a cotter pin in. Having a prop too tight will load the bearing in the lower unit and do more harm than a loose prop. So if you exceed the torque spec trying to line up the hole, back off to the previous one and you should still within the spec but at the lower end of the specs.

    And X ' s a thousand on what potbuilder just said. Grease or anti-seize every time you have the prop off so it will come off next time!


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