Odometer has 40 miles on it. Longest so far.
Went down a few trails, (Rabbit slough & trial to the train tracks) &
a slow 1/2 mile cool down when back near the house. ( leg burn, Up hill from the flats to the SM )

Wind in my face to Palmer on the PWH & 1st few miles of the Old glenn.
Great 6 miles of bike trail from Palmer , it ends at Bodenburg Loop.
From there the road narrows, (felt ok though), was sheltered from the wind all the way to the new Glenn.
Wind helped going N on the Glenn, nice wide shoulder, but not swept,
had to dodge a few big chuncks of tire tread.
Crossed over at rabbit slough & road down to the end. Dry road & water is real clear, few vehicles there.
Took frontage road on the S side of the Park back to the SM then home.

route click here: ROUTE
About 37 miles if you don't detour

Great scenic route. Saw several road bikers on the old Glenn bike trail & some coming S on the Parks.
Couple pics turned out nice :
DSCF4962.JPG DSCF4970.jpg