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Thread: The First Rafter To Complete The Triple Crown Of Big Whitewater Rafting

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    Default The First Rafter To Complete The Triple Crown Of Big Whitewater Rafting

    Mark Cramer started the Triple Crown in 2005 by solo catarafting Devil's Canyon of the Susitna River and Turnback Canyon of the Alsek River. He attempted the Grand Canyon of the Stikine in 2006 but had to call for a helo evac. He returned in 2012 and successfully ran the Stikine in a Creature Craft. Here is the link to that run. Good stuff except for the guy yelling in the orange boat. I might have hiked out before enduring another day of that. Lol

    I just found and started reading Mark's book... Water....The Blood of my Soul

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    That's awesome. Devil's Canyon would scare the piss out of me in a raft. The Talkeetna was a monster when i did it in a 13' SOTAR. I can't imagine a flip and swim in the Su'. Wow! Impressive...

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    I couldn't agree more Larry. I was not even aware that Devil's canyon had ever been rafted successfully. I looked at it a fair amount back in the mid '90's but ultimately decided life to be the better option for me. I did spent quite a bit of time, back then, in Six Miles' three canyons and a couple trips in the Talkeetna canyon all in a little 12' Aire Wildcat. What a kick in the pants that little raft was.


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