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Thread: Good flight doc on Kenai Penn.????

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    Default Good flight doc on Kenai Penn.????

    My old flight medical doc retired. He was up in Soldotna.
    I have heard horror stories about one guy up in Kenai who will loose your paperwork.

    Anyone have a good flight doctor on the peninsula who has a good office staff whom will not drop the ball on the FAA paperwork?

    Or am I stuck going up to Anchorage?
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    Alex ... I just got a letter from the friendly folks at the FAA stating that even though I had passed my recent medical by one of your Homer physicians, I was to be extra cautious about flying on any medications and any limitations due to a broken ulna. Huh??? Not on any medications nor a broken ulna....ever. I don't think I will use him again. BTW ... I really enjoyed meeting you and the flight review in the Citabria.


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