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Thread: How is trans parking at Merrill field these days.???

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    Default How is trans parking at Merrill field these days.???

    I want to fly up to Los Anchorage in tomorrow for the seaplane seminar. I have my C-172 on wheels. (floats are a big mess)

    The seminar is at the Lousac library this year. Is Merrill closer than Lake Hood to the Lousac ?
    Is the trans parking at either better than the other these days.
    I wonder how long it would take to walk over.?

    Back when they held the meetings at the old Fed Hangar I just flew to Lake hood and taxied over to the hangar. This is going to be a big pain in the butt.
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    You'd think somebody with a hanger over at Lake Hood would open it up for this shindig. The walk is probably closer from Lk. Hood and the neighborhoods are a bit better. Hoof it along Lake Shore to the east, hook up with Spendard, follow Spendard north east to 36th (never would have said that in the old days), east on 36th until you get to the Lousac. Pretty much flat the whole way.

    From Merrill you are walking uphill, both ways, through homelessville and Fairview for a big part of it. Checking Google earth, it's a tiny bit shorter from Merrill to Lousac.
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    Think there is plenty of trans parking at Merrill but second AKZDoug, I'd rather walk there from Hood, then Merrill.

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    If you want to fly into Lake Hood, give me a call and I will run you over there. I have an F-150 with your very own seatbelt. lol
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