Family Field Day: June 13th, 2015
ABDA is hosting a Family Field Day at Training Fields LLC at Point Mackenzie

Arctic Birddog would like to invite members and prospective members to meet and work with their dogs. It is an introduction to resources available in ABDA. This is a great opportunity to see different breeds of pointing and flushing dogs. If you are considering a new dog or puppy, this event may help you find the breed you like. You will see what can be expected of finished dogs of all breeds.

ABDA will:
Provide an opportunity for people to work their dogs on one live bird.
Provide training tips on handling of dogs for AKC Hunting tests and hunting wild birds.
Provide examples of Master Hunting Test requirements for Pointing breeds and Spaniels.
Conduct a Mock Junior Hunting Test for Spaniels and Pointers.

The activity fee for each person with a dog is $30. This includes a lunch and one live Chuckar.
The activity fee for each additional family member is $5. which also includes a lunch (children under 6 are free)
Additional Chukars are available at a cost of $20. per bird while supplies last.