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Thread: Polaris Ranger mod help

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    Hi guys

    Thanks in advance for any help

    I just picked up a Ranger and already added quite a few extras, but I am needing some expertise on adding switches to already existing components. I don't want to screw up stock stuff.

    I know I need to put in a fan cutoff switch for water crossings, but not exactly sure how to do it. I assume I just cut the hot wire from the fan, attach to my switch and then wire the switch back to the fan and ground it? Is it that simple? I also think I read somewhere there are metal fans to replace the cheap plastic ones that come in it, but not sure.

    Second is the winch. It already has a port to plug the control into, so how should I go about adding a rocker for it to the dash? This one seems a little more complicated to me since it has in and out power, so I won't pretend to know.

    Thanks again.

    Also want to give a thanks again to Akmud (Rob) for coming out and welding me up some ramps for my trailer as well as a new hitch on my travel trailer. I recommend him if anyone needs some fabrication or welding, but you better do it soon before he retires to pig hunting!

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    I hope you get some answers I have the same questions.

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    Fan diagram for my 2014 ranger 6x6 using the OTRATTW switch.


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