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    Hi guys,

    I am thinking of purchasing a mercury 10'6 inflatable boat from Reeds. Not much information can be found, but the salesman said this boat could be used in the Chena, Delta Clearwater, local lakes and in Valdez. I don't need it to do much, but my goal is for me to take the wife and 7 year old out for fishing and occasional sightseeing. Searching for something to use in the local rivers (fairbanks). Is 1600.00 too much of this? The price includes hard floors, pump, oral etc...Could I find a better deal somewhere else?

    The salesman suggested a short shaft 9.9 prop for the motor...does that sound right? The boat is rated for 20hp.



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    Dunno that boat, but when reading about the "size" an inflatable, it's important to know how they measure length. It's the length the pontoon, measured from the nose of the boat around the outside and on to the back tip of the pontoon. That probably translates into not much more than 8' of length inside the boat, including the narrow bow. You'll find that bow problematic for holding people, so minus that you're down to only 5' or 6' of length for people. That can get pretty squishy with three folks plus gear. Your 7-year old is going to continue to grow and occupy more space during the life of the boat, too. My wife and I used a 10' inflatable for a couple of weeks and it was fine for the two of us plus gear. That 9.9 is likely to do fine unless you're running upstream against a strong current.

    When our daughter was home we settled on a 13' Achilles with a 20-horse. Lots of room for 3 folks and gear, and it would go so fast it just about flapped your cheeks. Only thing about it (and adding expense for you), we didn't really start using that 13 as much as we had hoped (a lot) until we put it on a trailer.

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    A 10'6" inflatable gets small quick. Not a lot of room. It wouldn't be bad for local lakes and the occasional river, but I would not venture out on the salt very far with it unless it was used as a tender for the bigger boat. I would think that you would want a 15 hp as a minimum. I have a yamaha 15 on a 10' RIB and wish I had a 20. I cannot get three 200+ pound adults on step. I think that I could with a 20.
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    We saw the boat at the outdoor show and it seemed like it would be enough for a tackle box and a small cooler, maybe a few other things. The price is what drew us to it. The salesman told us it would cost another 1000.00 dollars to go up in size. We are just trying to get out of the house and fish for the day. I do not see any hunting in our future, but you never know. Is this a poor choice? Should I keep looking? I am drawn to the inflatable due to its size and multi-use options. I just do not want to make the wrong choice. UGH!

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    You could probably find a bigger, used aluminum boat for about the same cost. Something like a Lund, Smokercraft, or the like. As Spoiled Ones said, those inflatables get small quick. Rigid craft offer much more room for people and gear. You won't be constrained by the expensive 4-stroke foolishness like folks in Southcentral are, so you can probably pick up a 20-35hp motor for a small cash outlay.


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