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    Good Afternoon all,

    I am looking for any information regarding the feasibility of a black bear hunt out of the upper cub strip in Grasshopper valley - I hunted the lower strip in late May last year and was only able to put an unsuccessful stalk on a single bear way up high. My alternate option is putting in along Lake George after aerial scouting - Only issue is thick brush has made it difficult to get on the bears in time before they vanish.

    Greatly appreciate any and all help!

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    Still looking for information if anyone has any, thanks much!

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    Give me a call 306-7892

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    I have seen black bear quite often when sheep hunting from the upper strip in Grasshopper Valley. In addition I have talked with numerous cub owners that frequently fly Lake George and Knik Glacier areas who report seeing many (as many as 10 to 20 different bears in a single afternoon).
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