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Thread: canoe stabilizer floats

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    Default canoe stabilizer floats

    Does anyone know where i can buy a set of canoe stabilizer floats (used or new) around the anchorage area. thanks

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    You can make your own with a couple of Funoodles, or try West Marine.

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    Default stabilizers

    I have purchased several over the years, and have sold all but one set off.
    They are nothing more than aluminum tubing with clamps and 6 inch foam cut to shape
    the same material as fun noodles except for much larger diameter.
    We need someone to design a home made version that can be made in a few hours or less from products locally purchased or found.
    I Like the fun noodle Idea..
    it does not take much to keep your canoe from tipping, as the floats we have are only like 2 feet long, and its most impossible to tip your canoe over even if you stand on the gunnels.
    here is a sight of some stabilizers I have used, they work fine.
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    There is a larger diameter Funoodle for 3-4 dollars that has a hole in the middle.

    I used them to make stabilizers for the Mokai and found that I did not need them.

    Very simple to build.

    Measure your beam and add get a pipe (aluminum, electric conduit) stiffed the better add 5-6feet to each side.

    Attache to craft bend arms down slightly, and then bend ends back to parallel with craft slide on Funoodles and you are good to go.

    You want the floats to be off the water so as to not create drag but touch when craft starts to tip. You can adjust to what you like.

    The little Funoodles have 200 lbs lift each, the larger one I think 250.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Stablizers

    IF you want to have the old playable ones like Grumen had, an make your own try yhis web site they are 6" X 36" an if you put two together with a rod an glue it can be 72" like I did


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    Default slightly different idea...

    How well does it work to attach the half-round foam directly to the gunwale of the canoe? Granted it wouldn't be quite as stable as getting the floats 2' out each side with arms, but it would be simpler, lighter, and leave more room in the canoe. I have seen some older canoe models that appeared to have been factory built this way, but can't remember the brand. If someone has tried this setup please post- Thanks WW.

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    Default Outriggers

    I ordered a set of these from the following web site:

    They shipped quick. They work very well on my 17' Osage with a 15hp outboard on the back.

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    Default floats

    Thanks for all the input. I went to lowes and toys r us,and bought all the supplys i needed to make my own floats i started the build tonight but got kinda late i will post a pic up sat.


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