Over a year and half ago I had a 325 wsm in stainless featherweight new haven made model 70 it was a non shooting copper fouling mess. The bore on it it was horrible you could see the tooling marks in the rifling. At one point had a brand stainless douglas barrel and I was going to have it rebarreled to and chambered for 338 wsm. I went another route sent it of the JES and had it rebored to 338 making it a 338 WSM. I got it back and decided to chop off 1inch of the barrel getting 22 1/2 inches of barrel. I got it back last year mounted a leupold 3-9 scope on it and headed to the range with chrono it tow. I tried several powders and bullets and I ended settling with a load of 68.0gr rl 17, fed 210 and 225gr accubonds it also shoots the old stock 225gr hornady spire points too. Getting a avg velocity of 2860 fps out of a 22 1/2 inch barrel. Surprisingly it does not kick all that bad more of a big push.