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Thread: Alaska Series Raft report

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    Thumbs up Alaska Series Raft report

    Just a quick report to let anyone looking at an Alaska Series raft know they are sweeeeeeeeeet. I was able to use my new KD-16 for the first time a couple weeks ago and I love it. It responds fast and seems to be just as nimble or more so than my other 14 ft raft. Has tons of room and I love the large side tube diameter.

    I have only got to use it once due to a back injury but I am looking forward to a long fun summer and fall of rowing my KD-16.


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    Default I love my 14-foot Kenai Drifter by Alaska Series

    I bought mine last year and floated it each weekend on the upper Kenai. I put a small hole in the bottom while walking on it uninflated at the takeout point. Dumb on my part. Jim fixed it free and refused payment for his services. I'll buy another one from him when I decide there's something new I can't live without. Great Product! What I really like about the raft is I can put everything I need in the back of my truck, inflate and set up in less time than it takes to ferry the car to the take-out point at Jim's Landing.

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    I don't own one, but I had a friend with an Alaska Series 14 foot self bailer that we took down Sixmile Creek quite a few times. Never put a hole in it while in the water, but we pushed it over a cliff once to get fast access to the third canyon and popped it good. They use good fabric.

    That's been the story of my rafting career though. Only once have I holed a boat while actually in it, and that was due to the ragged end of a broken frame pipe. It's the fool things I've done while dragging them around, or stuffing them into trucks & trailers that have kept me off the water for the day.

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    Default Damage issues

    Jim, you make a good point. Most damage happens off the water! Your scenario could have happened to anyone's boat.

    I don't own any of Jim's boats either, but have heard good things about them. Everyone I have talked with who owns one seems happy with their purchase. Jim is a stand-up guy and I wouldn't have a problem at all doing business with him.

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    My first moose float went very well, no problems. After taking out I was cutting the lines off the D-rings that we had tied the moose meat to, and you guessed, carelessly cut the raft!

    Only time I've put holes in rafts besides that was in '04 draggin' down a creek bed. If you guys remember, '04 was a DRY year. Toughest hunt I've been on!



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