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    Hey All,

    Just thought I would share an awesome experience that took place June 4-8. But before I do I would like to say THANKS to the awesome folks at Alaska Conoe for their help and support with all the canoes and rafts. Max and Annette you guys are the BEST.

    We started out with about 40 young men from ages 12-18 and a hand full of leaders at the Trail lakes Hatchery and canoed thru Upper and lower Trail lakes, down Trail river and across Kenai Lake. Along the way were varrious road blocks such as having to start a fire by friction, swamping a conoe and uprighting it, and some orientiering courses. All these road blocks must be completed before you could move on.

    Boated down Kenai lake to Snug Harbor and hiked to Cooper Lake for a day of rest before the real hike. We then hiked Russian Lakes trail (21 miles total)to Aspen flats cabin. Again more road blocks, build a stretcher and carry 1 person in the team 500 yards. Tie the 5 basic scout knots, and some scripture memorizing to keep their witts about them. Build a bow and arrow and hit a piece of paper at 15 yards. The first team to the cabin sleeps in comfort the others in tent city. Then on to the Russian river campground where dads met up and had a most exellent dutch oven dinner ready and waiting.

    The last day of the trip we rafted from Kenai lake down to Jims landing and had a blast. Most of the adults suffered blisters,pulled muscles and just generally got the crap beat out of us but I'm sure none of them would trade the aches and pains for anything. The weather wasn't all that great but any time spent in the woods is better than being cooped up inside.

    I just want to say thanks again to all those who helped in the logistics and countless hours of planning and prep for this trip. Again thanks to Alaska canoe for the canoes and rafts. Without you guys that trip could not have happened.


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    What Scout troop do you belong to? it sounds like every one
    [not the leaders] had a great time


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