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Thread: New Statewide Sheep Hunting Regulation

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    Default New Statewide Sheep Hunting Regulation

    Just curious what everybody thought about the new statewide sheep regulation that aircraft can no longer be used to locate or spot Dall sheep during the open season.

    In a lot of ways I like this new regulation. I have personally seen a lot of misuse of aircraft over the years for sheep hunting. However, I would also be lying if I said I have never spotted sheep from the air and then pursued them (the day after of course). But I can also say that it is totally possible to do a sheep hunt without air support.

    The rule does state that you can't spot sheep DURING THE OPEN SEASON, so that does allow for some leeway if the sheep were spotted a few days before or even the day before season.

    I do think the law enforcement is going to have a hard time enforcing this regulation. I suppose with all the cameras everybody carries around with themselves these days it is totally possible to capture footage of airplanes flying low over sheep, but it will be interesting to hear how the courts handle these cases.

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    Pass the popcorn...

    (This law is long overdue)

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    We already flogged this subject to death.

    It is 101% UN-enforceable..........unless you are very VERY STUPID........If confronted just say, "NOPE, I was looking for Pitkas, or wolves, or bears, Frogs, vegetation, squirrels, My Hat, Rock formations, some NAKED Women, etc......

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    Appease one group & piss off another.

    Next it will be the bow hunters wanting to eliminate Rifle hunting , or the Walk in hunters wanting to eliminate ALL forms of transport into Sheep areas.

    Doesn't matter WHAT they come up with it is going to upset a group of hunters.

    & if you are Included in That group you will be mad about it.

    I DO NOT have my own plane.

    I Have walked in several miles to hunt sheep.

    I have used a Transporter to get me into a place I would Never have been able to get into without it.

    Just think what will happen to YOUR honey hole that You can get into WITHOUT air support, if they out right eliminate ALL forms of fly in hunts.

    Your area will have hunters on EVERY PEAK because they wont be able to get any farther back in on foot.

    This is the #1 reason we have so many problems as a Hunting community. NO ONE will handle ANYONE in THEIR AREA.

    If its not the Guides complaining because the Residents are invading their hunting areas, its the Regular hunters Gripping because the guides have All the GOOD areas Locked up.

    NO single hunting group will ever be happy until they are the ONLY ones that are allowed to hunt & everyone else has to stay home until they are done hunting.

    Doesn't matter What state you are from , Same garbage.

    Hunters are GUELLOUS of everyone else.

    Any time there is a New law to regulate hunting methods , that is just one step closer to ALL of us staying home watching hunting movies because we Wont be able to because its against the law.

    Just my crappy opinion on this subject.

    RJ Simington
    Custom Taxidermy, Experience the difference !!

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    could someone please combine this one with the other 20 page thread on this subject???

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    Quote Originally Posted by oakman View Post
    could someone please combine this one with the other 20 page thread on this subject???
    Sorry. I didn't realize this was already discussed somewhere else. I looked for it before I posted it, but saw no mention of it before. Someone got a link to the other thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushwhack Jack View Post
    Someone got a link to the other thread?

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    Bushwack Jack,

    Like you I like the idea of addressing hunter conflict with regard to planes disturbing hunts, but I think at this point there is a reasonable amount of fair criticism and it may cause more problems than it solves.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oakman View Post
    could someone please combine this one with the other 20 page thread on this subject???
    It's only 14 pages....
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    Heck here's another one to have fun with...!!!
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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